Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the dark, continued...

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I think sometimes we need divine intervention to slow us down otherwise we risk spiraling into major health issues. My power outage was minor but it really was a blessing because it caused me to take time out of a busy schedule for renewal in order to avoid mental burnout. It gifted me more than just the 2 hour nap because during the time I spent in the dark, quiet and alone, I discovered my need to make downtime a bigger priority in my life.

We can be determined but we have to balance this determination with self-care otherwise we risk burnout.

When I look back at what I’ve survived, I feel appreciation. When I look at where I’m at today, I’m grateful and when I look to my future, I realize trying to get there too quickly really isn’t a good thing. I have to continually try to slow myself down in order to fully comprehend and gain from my journey. I know this for sure; I’m trending into a better and healthier me. And, I can thank my path to enlightenment for this slow but empowering improvement!

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