Friday, July 11, 2014

Expression in recovery, continued...

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I recently signed up for classes to obtain a professional certificate for Expressive Arts Trauma Therapy. It is something I am required to have, besides my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, in order to move into the doctorate program for Art Therapy. I truly believe in the healing power of creativity. Anytime I am suffering and I honor my pain through an art project, I learn and grow.

Yes, I did say “honor my pain” and this may sound odd to you but, like you I don’t thrive on or ask for pain, but when it is present, I try not to avoid it. I confront it by asking it what am I supposed to learn from it. I honor the experience through creative venues such as writing about it, creating photo opts from it or allowing my feelings to flow into a drawing or poem; any creative endeavor is soothing for me. I love that I'm learning more about this venue through in obtaining my professional certificate. 

My newest class is already very insightful. I’ll continue to share as I am empowered with more information!

What are your thoughts about art therapy? Leave me a note, I’m curious.

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