Monday, July 14, 2014

Debriefing, continued...

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I was first exposed to debriefing in my volunteer work at a domestic violence shelter. This is my 8th year in this environment and the staff utilizes this debriefing technique to process some of the trauma they see on a daily basis.

It is also used in a group forum at the hospital where I volunteer, a few hours a year, sitting bedside to veterans in their No Vet Dies Alone program. They have a Pasteur who meets with the volunteers periodically, or as needed, to discuss experiences.

As I learn more about mental health in my Master’s Program, I am realizing the power of verbal release; it is freeing to share turbulent feelings. It seems to open the door to emotions and it really does help to process difficult experiences.

It is so important to have someone you can trust and talk to as part of your support system. If you do not, utilize a church counselor, the community center, a crisis hotline or some other professional venue to obtain professional help.  

You will feel better if you are able to gather the courage to share your pain. It might not solve the problem but it will soothe it!

Do you believe it helps to talk to others about what you’re experiencing? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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