Monday, June 16, 2014

What we are observing, continued...

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I love looking into the heavens both day and night. I often gaze at the shape-shifting clouds and take in the sunrays during the day and absorb the beauty of the night sky. It is extraordinary. As I stepped out onto my porch the other evening I was able to see a full moon prior to nightfall. I just stood there and took it all in; it is really empowering to appreciate nature like this.

As I looked up and spoke about it my fiancĂ© mentioned how some cultures actually see a rabbit instead of a man’s face. For the life of me I couldn’t see this rabbit. I wondered if I were so closed minded that I wasn’t able to open myself to the new shape or maybe my view was just very different. It wasn't until after I took the photo and looked at the flattened picture the rabbit became clear. After researching this a bit I did discover that depending on where you are in the world, the moon does look differently (different hemispheres). But, I also know how we see things is also based on our experiences, upbringing, culture and brain/eye function; it all impacts our view. A lot goes into how we see things both physically and philosophically.

These thoughts inspired my article.

What are your thoughts about the moon? What do you actually see on it? Leave me a note and let’s chat. 

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