Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The energy of hope, continued...

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My youngest son Joshua’s 2014 high school graduation inspired tonight’s article. I am really proud of both of my boys for finishing high school and wanting to go to college. I’ve always told them that whatever they decide to do for a career needs to be something they are passionate about and whatever it is, they need to understand what kind of lifestyle it will support. In other words, if they are happy as a cashier, I’m happy for them as long as it supports their day-to-day wellbeing (i.e., so they can become independent). I have one son who wants to be a scientist and the other a computer engineer. It is really exciting to see both of them working to create their futures. I know I sound old when I say this but it just seems like yesterday when they were running around and looking at me through innocent and loving eyes. This is when they wanted to spend all of their time with me. Today, they do not seem so innocent as they venture through trials and tribulations and while I am not a big priority in their lives at this time I realize this is part of their growing process.  I’m happy they are confident enough to get out into life and push forward! They are wonderful young men.

I also realize as they move from their teens and into their twenties, our relationship will change again and they’ll come to appreciate our time together; I can’t wait!

Until then, I’m just trying to remember to breathe and I’m saying a lot of prayers for them while I am supportive and in the sidelines! It’s hard to love our children without smothering them especially as they venture into the world!

I’m grateful for our time together and I’m happy to see them excited about their future!

Do you know any graduates this year? What are your thoughts about their future? Leave me a note.

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