Sunday, June 15, 2014

Power of the hands, continued...

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The statute I saw while walking the labyrinth at St. Joe hospital this past week inspired my article about hands. I love hands. Especially my fianc├ęs; his are large and strong but warm. I remember when I made my vision board years ago, I included a photo of 2 hands. They were clasped around each other and to me this picture was symbolic of loyalty.

I’ve drawn my own hands holding a heart before. It was my way of depicting helping hands.

Hand imagery is really emotional in art; it can convey a great deal depending on the how they are captured.

Our hands are vital to our success; as an artist, I couldn’t imagine life without them. When I look at an elderly person, I often think of the character of their hands; each wrinkle or blemish is the remnant of their life work. It is really amazing to me.

What are your thoughts? Does this sound crazy to you? 

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