Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lost hope, continued...

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If you follow my column you are probably aware that I am in year 2 of my Master’s degree for Mental Health Counseling. This past week I have spent some time in the Children’s Psychiatric Ward at a local hospital.

As I looked into the eyes of some very sad children, I could feel their pain. I also saw some parents who seemed to be exhausted both emotionally and physically; teeter-tottering in their child’s darkness (dipping into hopelessness while trying very hard to hold on).

Experienced staff offered hope and tried to instill strength by serving this population from the heart hopeful they will see the light and open a path to healing. The energy was daunting because the stay for each child is brief while the work critical to combat the severity of suicidal tendency.

It was hard to interface in this environment but as a shift took place and I saw the brightness of the spirit come alive within, hope was once again ignited.

I believe the path of each of these children will be difficult but with loving support at home and community help, I have hope this experience is one of growth that will be overcome and left in the past.

I applaud anyone who works with adolescents in Mental Health Counseling. Thank you for your contribution to our world!

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