Saturday, June 7, 2014

Circumstances, continued...

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This past year I have expanded my horizon by working in the local jail and prison with women who’ve suffered domestic violence and sexual assault. As I look into the eyes of these individuals I see pain and heartache enduring within such harsh circumstances but beneath it all, I see the spark of hope. This spark is the essence of survival. It is the human spirit, a truly celestial gift!

These women face years behind bars looking forward to a very dimly lit horizon. But, they can use this time stifled with anger and guilt or they can embrace this isolation, and use it to create a sacred space. When this block, or gifted pause in life is viewed as a time for self-improvement instead of forced imprisonment, it makes all of the difference. The bars one creates in the mind can be more stifling than prison walls. When I'm in the sidelines of someone who embraces this concept and gains momentum in healing, I am witnessing a miracle. It frees the spirit regardless of the physical circumstances.

It really does come down to mind over matter.

Do you feel imprisoned by your circumstances?

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