Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bad mood, continued...

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This past week seems to have been a week from hell for me. You know the old saying, “When it rains it pours,” this has come to mind often over the past few day. I am emotionally and physically exhausted. And, it isn’t over with yet; tomorrow I go for a brain scan to rule out neurological concerns causing the tremors I’ve been periodically suffering. If you’ve ever been tested for something major, the unknown is pretty frightening but I need to push myself through this and, hopefully, when it is said and done, it will feel good to rule out the scary stuff or face it and overcome if necessary.

This process reminds me of the courage it takes to face the past, to challenge core beliefs and to tap into the uncertainty of the unconscious mind. This is what inspired tonight’s article.

When you think of someone who goes to therapy, do you believe this individual is weak or strong? I believe people who seek therapy are strong; they are making an effort to face their demons and improve their wellbeing.

Not everyone has to seek professional help but we all need some sort of support when we’re coping through challenge, a friend, partner, religious leader etc., whatever you are dealing with, gather your courage and face it but don’t do it alone!

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