Saturday, June 14, 2014

Staying in the present, continued...

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I met a friend at St. Joe Hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan this week and this is where we walked the Labyrinth circle. I have been to this hospital hundreds of times and I had never realized they had a Labyrinth on the campus. It was a delightful experience.

Have you ever walked one? It can be confusing at first until you understand the pattern. This one had light and dark bricks and as long as I stayed on the dark bricks, it turned in and out and led me to the center. Once I arrived I prayed for clarity and healing. I was really surprising how my migraine lifted as I settled into this sacred walk.

It did remind me how powerful the mind is and how this strength can be a friend or an enemy. Self-imposed stress is stifling. It will drain the life from you. It is important to realize the severity of negative thinking otherwise you too will suffer ill health.

My migraines are becoming less and less as I harness my thinking ability and learn to better channel these negative thoughts and emotions. This understanding is the ultimate find.

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