Saturday, May 24, 2014

What it harbors, continued...

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This article was inspired by a Lifeclass I watched with Oprah and Bishop TD Jakes. Oprah mentioned that one of her favorite verses in the Bible is the one about transformation of the mind. I have read the Bible from cover to cover in the past but I couldn’t remember this verse. I was able to find it in the online Bible, which I added to the article. It entails quite empowering words.
I’ve been studying the brain and its physical attributes, the mind in its intellect and thought as it impacts both.
It is quite complex but yet simple at the same time when you view it in the terms of health or ailment. The power of thought can make or break you. We must learn to release the dark thoughts allowing them to flow out just as quickly as they came in. I’m starting to get better at this and as I do, I believe I’m adding years to my life. It is quite healing.
What are your thoughts? Can you share any with me?  

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