Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Melt your muffin top, continued...

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I have shared my journey of weight gain and loss (and gain again) over the past several years. It seems to be never-ending. If you follow my blog and/or healthy living column you know I am a fan of Dr. Oz and his many tips for living a healthier life. And, the bottom line is while stomach fat looks unattractive, it is really unhealthy too.

So, why not give the supplement, green tea with lemon and spices a try?

I’m going to measure my waistline this week and order the supplement. I must say though, I’m working up to implement core exercises again so my progress will include the affects of exercise along with the above routine.

I’ll give testimony to the success or lack therefore of these suggestions. What do you do to minimize your waistline?

Let me know.

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