Monday, May 19, 2014

Frustration block, continued...

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Sometimes I can just scream because I get so frustrated. Perhaps if I screamed it would help unblock these feelings! This week I have been frustrated with my health.

Wednesday night I started getting extremely sick and the vomiting continued for 12 hours. It felt like the flu times 10 even though I did get my flu shot many months ago.

Today is Sunday and I still feel horrible. This is driving me crazy. I’m lightheaded and every time I eat, my food gives me a sour stomach and heartburn. I awake each morning with cramps. I’m sure my system was probably traumatized from some sort of virus leaving my digestive system off balance but the time it is taking to come back around seems like an eternity. Also, my energy is at about 20% as apposed to the high level I’m usually navigating life with; I want to get back to feeling healthy!

Universe, can you help me out?

I have tried to surrender to my lack of control given my circumstances; I’ve not done much this weekend but not really by choice. When I try to get active, I start feeling sick again.

So, tonight I am wallowing in the present moment asking for my lesson and attempting to release all of my blocks. I even listened to some energy healing meditations.

Lord help me!

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