Monday, May 5, 2014

Familiar feeling, continued...

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I recently ordered and listened to a audiobook called, Many Masters, Many Lives by Dr. Brian Weiss.  Brian is a psychologist who discovers past life regression as he hypnotized a patient who gives him detail of lives she has lived from Before Christ (BC).  This was in the 1970's and since then Brian has specialized in Past Life Regression.  He communicates people are able to heal things like migraines and other illnesses (as this is residue left over from past lives) once they regress and realize these experiences; pretty amazing stuff!

The book gives a lot of food for thought.  I am actually going to hear this person speak in the fall of this year, and I’m excited about the trip.

Like I said in the article, reincarnation would explain these feelings of knowing someone before even though you have just met him or her.

This is how I felt when I met my fiancé.  If I’ve lived lives before this one, I am sure he was part of my world!

Is it all too crazy for you? Let me know about it, I’ll listen! 

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