Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Allostatic load, continued...

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We spent some time on this topic in my Psychopharmaceutical class this term and I felt it important to share.

Are you wondering how you can get back to a healthy place evident of full recovery and/or a low allostatic load?

It is difficult because you must face the skeletons you’ve buried in the closet. If you feel shame, regret or guilt, you must explore why. Face the pain with a curious spirit, more of an outside to inside vantage point.

You can do this by sharing with someone who loves you (someone you trust), you can journal about these experiences, pray, create art that honors you as a person who survived these hardships and/or reach into your community for support (for example nonprofits, community centers and church resources).

I like to use visualization in a meditative type exercise to help me unblock and renew my energy. It is pretty simple. All you have to do is find a quiet comfortable place, close your eyes, relax and imagine a bright healing celestial light coming down from the heavens into the crown of your head. With your mind’s eye visualize this light going into your core and uniting with your soul. Ask this light (your higher power) for clarity and cleansing. I ask this in Jesus Christ’s name. It feels good when I do this.

Whatever process you utilize, keep at it until you find one that feels right. Your health is a worthwhile endeavor!

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