Sunday, May 25, 2014

A spiritual spark, continued...

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Today, I am thinking of my dad, he passed 6 years ago on May 20th. He was a veteran. Many of the guys I see at the VA hospital (my boyfriend and I were just there on Friday), look like my dad. There is a lot of controversy about the VA system in the news right now although I must say, the hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was extremely serviceable to my dad and our family.
 I always know summer has arrived when I get an unwelcomed breakout of poison ivy. My fiancĂ© has it worse than me, which is why we visited the hospital this weekend.
 We’ll be spending some time on a nice little piece of wooded property my friend owns on a lake in Chelsea Michigan today. It is a beautiful spot to feel nature and boost the spirit.
  Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I’m hopeful you are honoring life in some healthy way. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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