Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The power of humanity, continued...

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My article about the overall goodness that emanates from the heart of the human race was inspired by a series of “bad occurrences” that have been thrown into my life path over the past few months. When one thing after another seems to bombard you, it is difficult to find your way through a maze of unfortunate events. Some people call it a rain storm, others call it bad juju or karma kicking you in the butt but I believe there is proverbial wheel of life and sometimes we are on the top of this wheel while other times we are fighting our way from underneath.

Through it all though, I believe in the goodness of others as an empowering source of love. For any person of ill intent that I stumble upon, I can offset this individual 10 fold with good people!

The bottom line is that we must find ways to live our lives with love in our heart instead of fear. This is the only way to surface our best self and to continually grow.

What are your thoughts about humanity? Do you believe the people of the world are inherently good or bad? Leave me a note and let’s chat about it. 

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