Sunday, April 20, 2014


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This article about stress was inspired by the quote from Greg Anderson I cited in the beginning of the article. I have to say, in all of my life dilemmas I have experienced thus far, I may have been frustrated but I have always found my way through them. Helplessness to me is just a moment of despair and I allow myself to sit in this feeling for a short time in order to understand it and create some space but then it melts away as soon as my persevering spirit rises.

Maybe it’s my ego but I first get angry (I could probably manage this initial stage better) then I get competitive and I start a self-talk dialogue that encourages me to step into a winners shoes. I get an “I got this attitude” whether I’ve truly got it or not. It is my way to promote action in order to alter change. When you are in a bad scenario most any change is good!

What are your thoughts about stress? How about overwhelming situations? How do you get through them?

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