Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mental wellbeing, continued...

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Stress, stress, stress! Why do we put ourselves through such agony on a daily basis? Sometimes I wonder if this is some sort of self-torture. We live in a world that can overwhelm and when we are actively putting ourselves out there, we are actively combatting stressful situations.

I know for me, once I get run down, I have an even more difficult time recovering. Lack of sleep, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet all help feed this negative mindset.

We deserve better lives. I have come to realize that the mind is powerful and this tool can make or break life. I’ve come a long way in understanding stress and the physical effect is causes. My pharmaceutics class has been extremely educational for me in this area. Many of our illness are brought on from this unhealthy mindset. Today I am still combatting stress but I am better in identifying what is causing it and I am quicker in offsetting it once I feel it come on. Perhaps someday I will be calm enough to eliminate it all together or maybe this is just a dream. I'm going to still reach for it, how about you?

How is your stress level? Has it gotten worse or better? What are you doing to offset this crippling mindset? Leave me a note and share your experience.

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