Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is skinny, continued...

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It is funny to me because when I look back to my younger years (my teens and twenties) I was really skinny but during this time in my life, I really did think I was fat! Why, because my self-image was distorted and I blame society for this. The view of healthy weight is so skewed because it is based on models with eating disorders, unhealthy weight goals and images that have been “skinnyified” through a photoshop downsizing process that really falsifies the add, it is crazy. 

It is difficult to myth bust our thinking because it is inbred from such a young age; it is reinforced minute by minute through advertising campaigns.

The good news, if you read the article I linked to, it offers some changes like Dove’s initiative to use real-size women in their marketing campaign. We need this to sweep the nation in order to change the mindset of marketers and gain a healthy image so generations to come are not fighting eating disorders reinforced by inappropriate society guidelines.

What are your thoughts in this area? Does it bother you or are you able to navigate through it without thought or trouble?

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