Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome spring, continued...

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If it is really mind over matter then we can think spring into existence, can’t we? It has been a horribly cold and snowy winter and it feels like it is still holding onto me mentally as well. This is why I wrote the article. I am feeling like I am going crazy and the weather is the underlying reason (of course there are other stressors thrown on top)! If you live in Michigan, you’ve experienced a 50-degree plus day and then any hopes were diminished by single digit temperatures that followed and created record lows. Every once in a while we get “thrown a bone” with blue skies for a couple of days and then as soon as we let our guards down, bam, a snow storm hits!

I have been spring cleaning for 2 weeks now; I’ve white gloved my home but I’m still feeling blue. This is why I offered a list of 10 things to do in my article; I will be working my way through this list in hopes to lift my spirits.

Tonight I’m going to start with a facial and attempt to do something new each day in the pampering category.

How are you coping? Are you in a cold climate region or warm? Can you send me some sun?

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