Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tribal culture, continued...

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Some people may argue that involving your heart in your work environment is not a good practice but I have always disagreed with this. When I channel through my heart it makes me a person instead of just a boss. I am sincere and considerate offering an understanding that brings a healthy balance to the work relationship. Of course, when a decision must be made or reprimands are necessary, I’ve stepped up and did what I had to do. My employees realized my disappointment and, in most cases, stepped up to the challenge.

In all of my managerial roles, I have created a great departmental structure with a foundation of heart that manifested productivity. It has been and continues to be key to my success. As I said in the article, I believe that when a person filters from the heart especially in the home, it is beneficial in creating a healthy home life.

What are your thoughts about tribal culture and does it fit into your life? I’m curious, leave me a note.

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