Monday, March 17, 2014

Overeat as protection, continued...

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I am, for sure, an emotional eater. I, as of this past year, have been eating my anxiety tied to health issues. I have written previously sharing that I often get jittery. I physically shake, which can be quite scary considering it just started out of the blue one day and it seems to be hanging onto me. This started about a year ago and I believe it may be somehow connected to the sugar in my diet.

I recently started taking Chromium supplement and this seems to be helping to regulate my sugar levels in my blood. For the most part I am now only waking up with a slight shake as apposed to previously when it would hit me at any given time day or night.

I went to many doctor’s appointments where I was tested and scanned for cancers, diabetes, thyroid issues and so on but according to my doctor, she received no alarming diagnosis. She believes I may be suffering sugar spikes and dips therefore this might be metabolic. I have horrible insurance costs therefore I had to stop and give myself a break in order to catch the doctor’s bills up before proceeding with further testing.

This whole ordeal had been really unsettling and considering I shake more when I’m not eating sugar, I felt it necessary to indulge. Not the healthiest choice but my jitters have subsided significantly although my waistline is now bulging, pretty frustrating all and all!

What are you eating away? Or, perhaps you've got a handle on your psyche and your weight is healthy?

Do drop me a note and let’s talk about it.

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