Sunday, March 9, 2014

Infidelity, the ultimate betrayal...

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Infidelity is really tough. I was faithful in my marriage (although it still ended in divorce) & in all my adult relationships but as a teenager, I was cheated on and I cheated too (boyfriends). I’m not proud of this but I did learn that it was not a good energy and I was able to release it from my life in my teen years.

I had a close friend whose husband cheated and she stayed with him, it was a really traumatic experience for her and for all of us in her circle.

I’m not sure I’ve forgiven him although I love her and therefore I’ve supported her decision.

If you are suffering through infidelity, my prayers are with you. Please try to let go of the past because you can’t start to build a new future if you’re holding onto all of the anger and hurt.

Have you cheated? Have you been cheated on? Did you stay or go?

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