Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy thoughts, continued...

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This column helps me continue to research and find ways to improve my life, to gain health. And, when I started learning about the body’s physical reaction to thought, even when we do not act upon it, I finally understood why I feel the way I do.

Yes, I have laughter and love in my life. I am creative, I connect with nature and I meditate several times a week but I have a worrisome mind. I worry about financials, my kids, my schooling, my career and this list can go on and on. I learned how to worry from my mom. I am not blaming her for this habit; she did the best she could during unhealthy circumstances. This is how she coped and this is how I cope.

But when I started thinking about how many thoughts we generate and how these thoughts trigger the body to respond, I finally understand why I feel so exhausted and unhealthy.

I think my worrying pattern takes up maybe 40% of my thoughts. This is not okay! This past week, each time I start thinking about the worst scenario of a future outcome, I tried to reel myself back into the present moment. I changed my self-talk in order to help my mind from being distracted. What does this mean? I can only do my best each day, and beyond that, the outcome is the outcome. Worrying only causes illness. I am starting to understand this and to make the changes necessary to embrace a healthier essence!

Are most of your thoughts positive? If not, did this article resonate with you? Are you going to make a change? I hope so; breaking negative thought takes a lot of focus and practice, give it a shot.

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