Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Curb your cravings, continued...

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As I am getting ready for an upcoming tropical vacation, I have realized my cravings have gotten out of hand; they’ve become more of a lifestyle. Perhaps this is how I’ve coped through the blusterous, cold days of this winter’s polar vortex, or maybe these sugar cravings countered other jitters but whatever it is, I can see the results hanging over my jeans.  Muffin top might sound good as a snack but it doesn’t look good in the tropics. Yikes!

When I looked in my kitchen for the 3 spices Dr. Oz recommended, I only found cloves in my spice arsenal. I will definitely be finding Turmeric and Cardamom next time I’m at Whole Foods. I have a feeling I need to embrace Cardamom as my new best friend.

What do you crave? Do you allow yourself to indulge? How do you offset these cravings? Let me know. 

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