Monday, March 31, 2014

Being fully present, continued...

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We recently held a birthday party at my house and we had a great turn out. In this mix of participants, we connected with our friends and family. There were several little ones running around and these precious little angels gifted light to our party.

Regardless of what someone is going through, the innocence and joy of a child clears the raincloud and warms the heart.

I find this to be similar with animal lovers and the connection they share with their pets. Feeling the unconditional love of a loyal fury friend will lighten the weight of any sorrow (at least during the encounter).

This type of support is important to understand and recognize as being essential to your wellbeing.  If you unable to find this relief in order to soothe your blues, explore your passion; what devours your attention (remember I’m speaking in terms of health so addiction doesn’t count). I want you to develop positive channels of joy.

How do you feel after a workout? Are you happy and proud of yourself for enduring the task? If so, bottle this feeling. Do you enjoy a good laugh? If so, look for funny movies to positively charge your body. Does nature gift serenity to you? If so, take a walk often and/or surround yourself with photos to offer moments of bliss.

Whatever your healthy source, appreciate it and gift yourself with this blessing to counter sorrow. The more you can inspire your life, the better you will feel and you, my friend, are worth a healthy life!

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