Saturday, March 8, 2014

A stranger in distress, continued...

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I’ve been reading the book, Letters from a war zone authored by Andrea Dworkin published in 1993. It offers a collection of powerful writings and speeches fighting for the rights of women in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Andre offers a raw but eye-opening view from the trenches of women suffering violent sexual crimes.

She was in the frontlines of this battle fighting the porn industry and societal proponents of such propaganda. The book made my heartache but I am glad it found its way into my life. Andre was extremely courageous in her fight; she spoke to the courts, congress, colleges all over America and outside of the country and any other organization that would listen to her pleas. She was passionate about making the world better for other women and because of her legacy and the others who fought this cause we are better for it today!

She left a magnificent body of work that continues to impact the world in a great way, I hope, one day, I too can impact others in a similar way.

What are you reading today? What was the last book you finished? Make it a point to learn the stories of others; we can learn so much from these testimonies. They can inspire and offer strength if you’re open to it.

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