Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Release the shackles, continued...

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As I sat in my Pathology class this past week the instructor spoke of pain. And she talked about the toxicity of secrets; hurts from the past. Her message was to release what is kept deep within otherwise it becomes destructive.

Many times we are afraid to open up these dark places because we are ashamed to talk about past experiences, perhaps society will not approve.  But, the truth is everyone has a past and for most of us, it was unpleasant. If you are hiding from it, it is necessary to face it and dwell openly with this memory.  By airing it out, you will heal this wound.  The scar will always be present but you can use this as a reminder of your strength, your perseverance!

What are your thoughts about past hurts? Are you open about them or do you keep them hidden?

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