Monday, February 24, 2014

God's breath, continued...

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I wrote the quote, “God’s breath, a living force within, fuels resilience through soul-work.”  As part of an assignment for my Pathology and Resilience class at school. I do believe we have an imprint of God that is instilled within each of us at the time of conception (our transition from the spiritual to the physical). This breath is the connection between both worlds.

We feel it as the vitality of our being; when we’re in love, when we’re meditating or praying, when we’re creating, it is present and active.

To feel it more as a more heighten experience, all you have to do is embrace your soul-work. This awakens the spirit and enables you to intuitively live aligned to your purpose.

Once you feel this breath and you understand how it flows and where this empowering force comes from, you’re able to tap into this resilience anytime you need a means of recovery.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe in God? Where does your strength come from?

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