Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Claim your space, continued...

Own you; don't distort your vision by living life apologetically.  Lifetime Art impressions, LLC photo

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I used to be a person who apologized for everything. If someone bumped me, I would say, “I’m sorry!” Timidly I found my way into the world. Today, I still have my shy and timid demeanor but I learned, as a young adult, that my apologetic approach was not serving me well.  This stance does not open doors and gift opportunities instead it fuels weakness.

I have to admit, it still surfaces but, because I have self-awareness about this concern, I am able to quickly reassess and gain my composure.

I remember in my early volunteer years within my community (at the hospital or a shelter) I made an effort to remain low-key and out of the way. Instead of being proud of my contribution, I was cowardly in my approach, downgrading myself.  If someone asked who I was or what I was doing in the organization, I would say, “I’m just a volunteer.” I now see that a volunteer is never “just a volunteer” these individuals are special. I am not paid for the time I contribute as apposed to the workers, I am there intentionally with a purpose to serve and because of this, I am special; I am a blessing and you, my friend, are too!

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