Thursday, January 9, 2014

Your morning ritual, continued...

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My morning routine is fairly healthy. When I open my eyes I stretch and take a few minutes to think about any dreams I’ve had. I dream just about every night so I have much food for thought. Next, I usually close my eyes and say a little prayer to God asking for his support during my day and inviting the angels and guides he’s given me (I call them my Team 1) to help me embrace my soul-work and facilitate daily miracles in his service. I feel this prayer really is instrumental in my daily success because it sets my intention.

As I step out of bed, I make my bed. It is more of a loose throw over, which works for me. When I shower, I try to be present and wash away, not only the physical but mental debris. I don’t usually spend much time on breakfast but a quick microwaved egg (you can accomplish this in 2 easy minutes in a coffee mug) or I microwave quick oats, both are healthy options when I’m in a hurry. If I have time I will juice but this takes longer so many times this happens later around dinnertime. I try to treat myself to a chai tea if not in the morning, by night to relax.

I have to work harder to get more water into my day. I do intake some but I am far from the 8 glasses that are recommended.

I used to exercise every morning but, as of late, this activity has moved to later hours, if and when I choose to fit in a formal routine. I’ve realized that if my day requires physical activity (like, for example, shoveling snow), then I’m not worried about hitting the gym.

My resolution has been geared towards better self-care at night! Both are required like bookends to a healthy life.

What is your AM routine? Tell me about it.

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