Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The here and now, continued...

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I just finished reading a Group Therapy book by Yalom and it has offered much food for thought. He talks about what an individual may gain from group therapy. Some may seek relief while others seek growth.

This made me think about the “up’s and down’s” we all travel through during the trials-and-tribulations of life.

In our darkest moments, we pray for relief but ultimately, although we may not literally ask for it, we strive for growth. I want us all to learn from the challenge we’ve encountered in order to minimize or eliminate further similar heartache.

It is my hope that 2014 brings to each of you a year full of growth; realization of your lessons. I want all of your hard work to manifest fulfillment in all aspects; mind, body and spirit.

I am sending each of you light and love as you close the door to 2013 and embrace the new in 2014!

What is your wish? Leave me a note. I would love you know you are out there and you’re sending prayers into the world too!

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