Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ronnie, a beautiful soul, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo of Ronnie
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When Ronnie first came into my life, I worried this big ball of fur would torment my 2 cats but, if anything, my cats tormented him. He was a gentle giant, very tolerant. He was a mutt by label, part Husky and perhaps some German Shepard, but he was so much more to anyone who knew him, thoroughbred in heart.  Although he was large, Ronnie thought he was a lap dog. He had this unique ability to move his eyebrows just like a human enabling him to cast cherished facial expressions; so adorable. He was large and burly but a real scaredy-cat. Ronnie was afraid of the light or beep of a camera so it was difficult to capture his precious moments.
He was a solid support helping his family endure and overcome much hardship! I know he has earned the biggest and meatiest bone available in heaven.
I am confident he is curiously taking in and embracing his new spiritual home where he’ll await loyally for the rest of his family to join him someday!

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