Sunday, January 26, 2014

Experience life, continued...

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As I grow older and look back at the years that I plunged through without stopping much to feel or without any real contemplation, just a will to conquer, these years seem to blend into decades. And, these decades seem to loose their value; perhaps this is a sign of aging.   

Although, as I age, like fine wine, I am able to better appreciate all that is packaged within a precious moment, the fine detail of life. I ponder: why do I get this opportunity in my life, am I open to this happening, what am I feeling, how is this occurrence impacting me; mentally, physically and spiritually and what does this experience teach me?

With curious eyes, sometime shadowed by anxiety, sometimes energized with excitement, I find my way. Most times it feels like I am taking the road less traveled but, in this rough path, I gain diamonds in the rough. My lessons polish these diamonds and gift gems that support my endeavors. I believe as long as I am traveling into my soul work, all will work out and my life, mostly through uncontrolled circumstances, but hopefully in-line with my purpose will be revealed. 

What are your thoughts, philosophically, about your life? How does it feel to live the journey of you? I am hopeful you will gift me some of your precious insight for you are the expert of you and your insight is valuable!

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