Friday, January 3, 2014

A company with heart, continued...

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Regardless of his title, Howard Schultz sees himself as just a kid from Brooklyn. He cares about honoring his parents, who are no longer with him. Howard is passionate about making the world better.

Oprah asked, "What’s next?" He will continue doing what he is doing. He is concerned about our country and the American dream and promise. In Howard’s words, “I think America needs a transformation. I have great faith in the idea of American, but faith is not a strategy…People are waiting to be called. Somehow we’ve given the power and responsibility to people who are not walking in our shoes…”

He labels himself as a, “Concerned, passionate citizen.” As Oprah said, "This leaves the window open with a little breeze coming through.” Whatever Howard tackles next, it is sure to be a positive venture.

Why does this story speak to me? Because here is a man who is running a company that employs approximately ¼ of a million employees and he still cares about their well-being. His focus is on his employees first and, of course, given his heart, his business has grown into an empire, I would like to think, because of it; pretty inspiring!

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