Saturday, January 18, 2014

5 important questions, continued...

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As I move through graduate school for Mental Health Counseling, I continue to learn the importance of having beliefs and challenging them. It is awe-inspiring when we believe in a higher good and this school of thought challenges one to do better but are you pushing forward whole-heartily or unhappily? Do you feel like you’re a child and you’re cornered by these concrete rules or do you feel free and confident enough to shape your own belief system? This is why I added the variables of the belief system into the article. It is good to challenge your beliefs. They are fluid and as you evolve so should your beliefs. Where did my answers and beliefs stem from in the article? My responses are below:
Religion- evidence
Spirituality- association
Spirit- tradition
Soul- tradition
God- revelation

All of my answers are shaped by my individual experiences blended by tradition, association and even revelation!

Can you share your answers to the questions in article? What is God? What is the Soul? What is the Spirit? What is Spirituality? What is Religion?

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