Sunday, December 28, 2014

The evolution of you, continued

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I believe the pencil is quite a remarkable invention. This slender little utensil holds, within its power the potential to change anything for the better. It inspires creation and, if you follow my column, I believe the power of creation to be the ultimate gift; it is Godlike.

I share the exercise in the article in hopes to challenge you to prioritize you in your own world; many times we sacrifice self and this leads to lack of health, exhaustion and, overall sadness. My list of requests forces you to be kind to you; it gifts forgiveness, inspiration, creativity, self-love, and improvement. If taken seriously, this little task can kick start a more appreciative you as you move into the New Year.

Allow 2015 to surface the best of what is yet to come for you and this starts with a genuine appreciation for self!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Overall human kindness

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Our world doesn't have to feel barren of love; make a difference and be compassionate to others!

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As we sat at a seafood restaurant yesterday eating shrimp, I remembered this little tidbit of knowledge about their reproductive system and how certain families can actually change from a one sex to another over their lifespan. It is a miraculous concept and although I have not done any real research about shrimp, based on my experience as a mother, I can only imagine the bonds and strengths that manifest from both fathering and mothering a baby through such sex change processes as that of this shrimp family. If you're stumbling on this blog without reading the article, it is worthwhile to click on the Examiner article link above.

I wonder what this type of community would feel like as I discuss in the article. I do see a lot of struggle and suffering in my counseling field today and this heartache comes from an individual who usually doesn’t feel validated; much of these clients are lost and do not see a way out. Of course not all come from broken homes but the majority do. I really do believe by raising a child in a positive environment, one that is founded with love, the majority of the time, even if the child strays in his or her lifetime, this foundation with support a choice of a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, we live in a world that is threaded by compassion and held together with the bond of human kindness but it has many holes. We all need to continue to work together to fill in these gaps by spreading compassion to those who’ve not interfaced with it before. It can be a difficult task but I believe it is a worthwhile one!

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Chant to overcome, continued...

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I love the information shared about the vibration of OM fromMandy Burstein’s article. I have often said that we are able to tap into a universal power and just by chanting OM we can flow with such a vibration. Doesn’t this thought alone gift serenity? When I meditate I believe I can feel a natural calmness and when I utilize the power of a mantra such as OM, it offers more of this type of celestial gift.

It may seem silly to you but if you think of it as humming or singing and this is something you like to do, you are already benefiting from this experience.

I like the visualization of closing the 2014 drafty window as I offered in the article. If you’re losing energy from an open window in the winter, it isn’t to your benefit. You’re essentially stopping the bleeding by shutting the window. But, after you close the window or stop the bleeding, you must next strategically open and step through the door of opportunity in 2015.

While you are considering all of this, think of special words that invite a positive and healthy New Year for you. I personally like, “I trust that the abundance of the universe will empower me with all that I need to engage my soulwork and offer my best self forward!” And, of course, I mustn’t forget ending my chant with the precious mantra, “OM!”

What do you wish to manifest in 2015? It is important to give this some thought to this and share your vision with the universe.

Merry Christmas, my friend, and have a Happy New Year! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Free local holiday excursions, continued...

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As a person who grew up in an economically poor household, I was not really privy to many holiday excursions. But, as a young parent without much money, I did appreciate the free festivities I could bring my children to during the holiday season. I especially enjoyed driving through the light displays of many decked out city parks and areas. We loved, for example the Nativity scenes and displays that Domino Farms used to offer. In my research for tonight’s article I was happy to find that Metro Parent has been diligent in offering local schedules. I’ve linked to many of them in my article. The below link shares a lists both past and current light displays in Southeastern Michigan just in case your interested in this experience with your family. 

Make cups of hot chocolate and load into the car with your loved ones and enjoy the light displays.

It is important to add a tradition to your holiday schedule, something relaxing, free and enjoyable fits the bill just fine.

Give it a shot and let me know if it was a hit or a bust.


By the way I did stumble on a contest in Ann Arbor that you can enter for free until 12/31/14 and potentially win a hotel stay and meal with one of Ann Arbor’s top chefs. If you’re interested, click on the below link to enter!