Thursday, December 12, 2013

Self-talk script, continued...

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I am pretty good about pushing past the negative self-talk although, as of late, I’m having difficulty seeing beyond my “not so tone” areas of my body since I’ve gained weight. This is really what inspired my article; my effort to stay away from labels like I am fat, I am sick, I am broke, etc.

It is difficult to stay on track with healthy eating habits and work out routines during the holidays. It is cold, which makes it more challenging to find the motivation to get moving and all of this, of course, feeds the negative self-talk.

I would never tell a loved one he or she is fat so labeling myself as such is not okay. I realize we have to accept ourselves just as we are in order to stay on track. Life entails ups and downs and weight loss and gain is part of this shuffle. I’ll be heading into the new year focusing on what I want to achieve, living a healthy lifestyle and attending to myself with tendering loving care. This is how I interface with my loved ones and I’ve now added myself to this list!

What is your script? Do you have positive self-talk or are you hard on yourself? Leave me a note and tell me about it.

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