Monday, December 2, 2013

Cultivate and inspire, continued...

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I always struggle with permitting myself real downtime. This mindset has forced a universal adjustment into my life. As I have written about previously, I’ve been coping through an illness, which stole my energy from me. I have woke up feeling tired before but in the past several months I had been crawling out of bed more tired than when I climbed into bed. Even though I had allotted the full 8-hours of sleep, it continuously felt like I was pulling all-nighters.

My diagnosis was mono. My doctor felt, because of my blood work, it was a “reactivation” in my system. I protested that I’d never had mono although she said that even though I was never diagnosed, most of us catch it at a younger age and it lives within our system much like chicken poxes.

I have never experienced this type of energy drain before. I kept pushing myself to meet my commitments but I did have to downsize my schedule. Sometimes we do not have a choice and this happens especially when warnings are ignored.

Deepak is correct, play and rest are not luxuries; they are necessary as healthy channels for renewal.

How do you achieve balance in work, play and rest? I would love to hear about it.

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