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Author of Blind View Drive, continued...

Author Jerry Gufferd

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Jerry Gufferd provided the below overview of his book, “In the same distended vein as acclaimed writers Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, and Chuck Palahniuk, maverick author Jerry Gufferd delivers a compelling work of transgressive fiction that steps outside of convention to vividly depict the absurdities of life, challenging readers to discover—and question—the fallacies of the world we live in.

Based on extremely exaggerated events from Gufferd's life, Blind View Drive will push and pull you in unexpected directions and speak to those raw, gritty parts of yourself that you’ve worked so hard to keep hidden.”

Jerry’s target market, “People who enjoy dark comedy, transgressive fiction, and sharp-witted writing with an edge will enjoy my book. It is very philosophical in nature, so people who question societal norms and the fallacies of our world will dig it. From a therapy standpoint, anyone who has ever dealt with any form of abuse and has experienced an intense anger because of it will enjoy it as well.”

Does his book sound enticing? Here is an insert to help you decide, "It comes in waves. Inspiration, procrastination, anger, glee, enthusiasm, righteousness, sociopathology, reason, lack of it, weakness, wit, war, murder, etc. It all comes in waves. I don't know about you, but I can only identify the essence of a particular wave after it has already crashed upon my shores and pillaged my sandcastles, just like the last time. I always question where they came from, but never where they're going. It's much too hard to see with saltwater in your eyes and the lingering shock of crisp, cold water stinging your skin, until you get used to it and let the water see for you, while you become all-knowing in the safe haven of the center of a whirlpool, the altar of reality's organization. It is here where you can look down upon the compilation of your thoughts, moods, and moments in life, and see how it all comes together like a collage of logic and order. An amusement park with an owner, as opposed to chaos with a customer. It all makes sense in this split second between waves, and then "Crash!" Back to square one. None of it makes sense."
His 6-year book project was so therapeutic he’s working on his next novel! 

If you would like to contact Jerry with questions or comments, email him, or you can contract him through his facebook page,

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