Friday, November 22, 2013

Straightjacket for suffering, continued...

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I too judge people who beg for money. My judgment surfaces initially and I am continually working to find my connection to this person first instead of allowing my ego to trump my compassion for another human being. I rarely have cash but when I do, I usually give. There was a time when I would think things like, “This person might be an alcoholic and who am I to help him or her with their addiction, they will just go and spend it on something unhealthy like alcohol,” But while talking to a dear friend, years ago she offered me valuable insight; her perspective. She told me when she sees a homeless person begging for money, it isn’t her place to judge. She gives from her heart and surrenders beyond this point. In her words, “I know I’ve done the right, Christian thing; how this person uses the money I give is not any of my business. I have helped another person in need. It is between he or she and God in judgment of how the money is spent!”

What are your comments? Are you in favor of this perspective or not? Leave me a note.

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