Thursday, November 7, 2013

Soul Shift authored by Mark Ireland, continued...

Cover art of Soul Shift, Mark Ireland's Book

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Mark Ireland’s story is really interesting to me. I am in awe when I read about his father’s work and how Mark is carrying this baton in his own and unique way. It must have been pretty amazing to gain insight from his dad growing up and to continue to learn from these teachings beyond his father’s physical existence.

I appreciate Mark’s perspective about life after death. I too reached beyond the grave seeking answers in the aftermath of my father’s death. Like Mark, I have had paranormal interface and psychic experiences, which have validated my belief.

What I like most about Mark’s book, Soul Shift, Finding Where the Dead Go is the way he established his claim supportive of biblical scripture.

I grew up learning teachings from the church, which chastised psychic work as being of the devil. This never set well with me. I believe anyone who is able to see through the veil, beyond the physical, and use this extraordinary gift to shine light into someone’s darkness is doing work of the Lord.

Mark’s book is well written. It offers much food for thought about life, intuitiveness and life after death.  As I stated in the article, it is truly a worthwhile read.

If you are surviving the loss of a child, visit Mark’s website for support.

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