Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pause, continued...

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It seems like I’m writing a lot of articles about appreciation as of late but I try to tap into my intuitive self to share what, perhaps, is of great importance especially as the gift giving season comes in full play.

Sometimes it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves, for the life we’ve created but this happens when focus is only on the negative. A sliver lining always exists, sometimes you just have to dig beneath the not so nice layers to find it.

The attitude of gratitude as James Van Praagh calls it is a tool of inspiration to use to find balance especially during the most difficult times.

Did you think about what you’re thankful for at Thanksgiving? If not, give it a shot. What do you appreciate? I am most thankful for my sons; as they overcome life challenges and turn into young men, they continue to make me proud; this continues to push me to reach higher and do better!  

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