Sunday, November 10, 2013

Money anxiety, continued...

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I was raised with the thought that money is the root of all evil but I don't believe this to be the case. Yes, it does surface much emotion but whether it energizes darkness or light, this is a choice of the beholder.

I have stressed much of my life over money; it was a learned behavior for me. Being raised in an economically poor household, these circumstances from my childhood instilled an unhealthy perspective of money for me.

I thought I had to have it growing up so I chased it as a primary means of my career choice and this, in turn, manifested unhappiness in my life. Yes, I had a healthy bank account but this didn't align with my spirit.

Today, I'm learning to view this currency as energy. It comes and goes; this is how it is intended to be. I must trust in God (as our money states) when my financials are weak, electrons will be pushed my way and this inflow will balance all that I need. In turn, I must remember to help others and reciprocate this universal abundance. By helping another, I am truly helping myself; we are one!

Share your thoughts about money; does thinking about it as energy help you find a positive perspective?

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