Sunday, November 24, 2013

Authentic empowerment, continued...

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Examiner article

I love the line from the article, “You can’t lose intangible gifts; they are God given gifts that keep on giving!” When I am referring to intangibles, I’m talking about self worth and love, confidence. If you have self worth, you can navigate through any life challenge. It offers clarity so you do not take on negativity that doesn’t belong to you. When you have toxic unhealed wounds beneath the surface and you face tragedy, it is easy to surface guilt, to take on negativity, even when you are not at fault. We are brought up in a society that instills values tied to a materialistic world, the more stuff you have or the better quality and more expensive, the more successful you are; this is really ridicules.

It is challenging to move from this line of thought. For me, today, I am happy with my life. It has been dialed down significantly over the past several years as I have trudged through a transition to tap into my soul work. The universe has been abundantly good to me and I am truly grateful. Would I like to have more money in the bank, absolutely but I do not let this take anything away from my wellbeing. My heart defines me and I have a BIG heart. This makes me happy. As I gain my credentials to enable me to fully embrace my soul work during phase 2 of my life (I will be about 50 years old once I finish school for my 2nd career), I will work to uplift others struggling and, at the same time, continue to fulfill my inner well. This is really what life is all about. It feels good to reach for this world and this world is all about intangibles; it is very different from the world I have left behind (my old career). I’m grateful for this.

As I said in the article, “Think about authentic power as you move through the holidays this year, it will help keep everything in perspective!”

What are your thoughts about external power? Does it play a role in your world?

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