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10 inexpensive gift ideas, continued...

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As I sat on my bed this evening looking over my list of people to buy for and sorting through my stacks of gifts, I thought perhaps I can share a few really inexpensive items that have impacted my life recently. Below are a few personal words about each item on the list:

Massage oil - My fiancĂ© and I used to go to Massage Envy and pay a monthly fee for wonderful massages. We did this for a solid year and it was a blessing. Today, we are challenged more financially and, as much as we’d like a professional massage we are giving each other this blissful rub down. The Dr.-Teal-s-Deep-Amber-Vanilla-Therapeutic-Bath-Body-Bath-Massage-Oil for under $10 per bottle is a scent we both love.

Great read – Who doesn’t appreciate a good book to retreat with on a rainy and lazy day? Last year I read Heaven And Earth Making the Psychic Connection by James Van Praugh and this left a great impression. I found this book for under $5 at Kroger.

Tasty latte- While my father was in the hospital I discovered chai tea lattes at the coffee shop there. It was a way to soothe my nerves and it is healthy. But, it does have calories so I have mine made with nonfat milk and extra foam instead of whip cream to minimize my calorie intake.

Yummy dessert- While visiting a friend in Mississippi I was treated to this expensive but tasty treat; specialty yogurt. This week a Yogurt City opened in my area and it hasn’t disappointed. It is a wonderful treat.

Good movie- The latest movie I saw with my fiancé was About Time. This time traveling love story was a great viewing experience for both of us. It kept our attention and it had a positive underlying message.

Soothing candle- Last year we bought a couple color changing candles and we love them. I’m not sure of the science behind it but this continuous changing color scheme really does soothe the soul.

Comfy socks- Yes, I have cold feet and achy calves and when I discovered Dr. Schol’s diabetic socks, I loved the comfort and warmth they gift. No I am not diabetic but I love how these sock feel and wear.

Aroma therapy relief- My neighbor purchased a Migrastick for me last July and it does help soothe my headache pain. This little bottle of oil mix can be rolled on the temples and neck to help open sinuses and ease the pressure.

Healthy hair product- With my health issues this past year, my hair health has suffered. I’ve battled hair loss, brittleness, dryness and frizz and my discovery of Ion leave in conditioner has offset these horrible symptoms.

Useful Kitchen knife- My boyfriend shops Harbor Freight for inexpensive shop tools. On a shopping trip last year I threw a small ceramic paring knife into our cart to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised by the way it cuts. I will be changing over to ceramics and purchasing a full set in the near future!

Hopefully my recommendations will help you with stocking stuffers or maybe even give you an idea for yourself. I wish you wonderful, inexpensive discoveries this shopping season!

Have any gift ideas for me that is under $10? If so, leave me a comment with your recommendations.

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