Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your full attention, continued...

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While I was working on this article I looked up sanctity (my son gave me this word when I said I wished the world sacrednicity existed). This is when I found the word sacrosanctity in my Microsoft thesaurus. I love stumbling on new words, especially ones that carry powerful meanings like sacrosanctity! Do you have any words that are special to you? Send me a note and share them.

I’ve shared previously (as I learned in my Group Therapy class) if you are anxious a lot, you are living in the future (feeling fearful) and if you are feeling guilt, you are living in the past with regrets. Life isn’t all about being on vacation and feeling blissful. Frankly, these moments are treasured like diamonds in the rough. Present moment living requires you to be courageous because feeling the moment is usually a roller coaster of emotions.

I love the Deepak quote that Oprah shares in the article, “Attention energizes; intention transforms.” Imagine, that the magnificence of both energy and transformation can be gained through present moment living; this is really empowering!

Appreciate your loved ones, especially during the crazy holiday season; be an attentive listener and feel the love that surrounds you!

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