Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pause, continued...

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It seems like I’m writing a lot of articles about appreciation as of late but I try to tap into my intuitive self to share what, perhaps, is of great importance especially as the gift giving season comes in full play.

Sometimes it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves, for the life we’ve created but this happens when focus is only on the negative. A sliver lining always exists, sometimes you just have to dig beneath the not so nice layers to find it.

The attitude of gratitude as James Van Praagh calls it is a tool of inspiration to use to find balance especially during the most difficult times.

Did you think about what you’re thankful for at Thanksgiving? If not, give it a shot. What do you appreciate? I am most thankful for my sons; as they overcome life challenges and turn into young men, they continue to make me proud; this continues to push me to reach higher and do better!  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your full attention, continued...

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While I was working on this article I looked up sanctity (my son gave me this word when I said I wished the world sacrednicity existed). This is when I found the word sacrosanctity in my Microsoft thesaurus. I love stumbling on new words, especially ones that carry powerful meanings like sacrosanctity! Do you have any words that are special to you? Send me a note and share them.

I’ve shared previously (as I learned in my Group Therapy class) if you are anxious a lot, you are living in the future (feeling fearful) and if you are feeling guilt, you are living in the past with regrets. Life isn’t all about being on vacation and feeling blissful. Frankly, these moments are treasured like diamonds in the rough. Present moment living requires you to be courageous because feeling the moment is usually a roller coaster of emotions.

I love the Deepak quote that Oprah shares in the article, “Attention energizes; intention transforms.” Imagine, that the magnificence of both energy and transformation can be gained through present moment living; this is really empowering!

Appreciate your loved ones, especially during the crazy holiday season; be an attentive listener and feel the love that surrounds you!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Authentic empowerment, continued...

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Examiner article

I love the line from the article, “You can’t lose intangible gifts; they are God given gifts that keep on giving!” When I am referring to intangibles, I’m talking about self worth and love, confidence. If you have self worth, you can navigate through any life challenge. It offers clarity so you do not take on negativity that doesn’t belong to you. When you have toxic unhealed wounds beneath the surface and you face tragedy, it is easy to surface guilt, to take on negativity, even when you are not at fault. We are brought up in a society that instills values tied to a materialistic world, the more stuff you have or the better quality and more expensive, the more successful you are; this is really ridicules.

It is challenging to move from this line of thought. For me, today, I am happy with my life. It has been dialed down significantly over the past several years as I have trudged through a transition to tap into my soul work. The universe has been abundantly good to me and I am truly grateful. Would I like to have more money in the bank, absolutely but I do not let this take anything away from my wellbeing. My heart defines me and I have a BIG heart. This makes me happy. As I gain my credentials to enable me to fully embrace my soul work during phase 2 of my life (I will be about 50 years old once I finish school for my 2nd career), I will work to uplift others struggling and, at the same time, continue to fulfill my inner well. This is really what life is all about. It feels good to reach for this world and this world is all about intangibles; it is very different from the world I have left behind (my old career). I’m grateful for this.

As I said in the article, “Think about authentic power as you move through the holidays this year, it will help keep everything in perspective!”

What are your thoughts about external power? Does it play a role in your world?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Straightjacket for suffering, continued...

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I too judge people who beg for money. My judgment surfaces initially and I am continually working to find my connection to this person first instead of allowing my ego to trump my compassion for another human being. I rarely have cash but when I do, I usually give. There was a time when I would think things like, “This person might be an alcoholic and who am I to help him or her with their addiction, they will just go and spend it on something unhealthy like alcohol,” But while talking to a dear friend, years ago she offered me valuable insight; her perspective. She told me when she sees a homeless person begging for money, it isn’t her place to judge. She gives from her heart and surrenders beyond this point. In her words, “I know I’ve done the right, Christian thing; how this person uses the money I give is not any of my business. I have helped another person in need. It is between he or she and God in judgment of how the money is spent!”

What are your comments? Are you in favor of this perspective or not? Leave me a note.

Monday, November 18, 2013

10 inexpensive gift ideas, continued...

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As I sat on my bed this evening looking over my list of people to buy for and sorting through my stacks of gifts, I thought perhaps I can share a few really inexpensive items that have impacted my life recently. Below are a few personal words about each item on the list:

Massage oil - My fiancĂ© and I used to go to Massage Envy and pay a monthly fee for wonderful massages. We did this for a solid year and it was a blessing. Today, we are challenged more financially and, as much as we’d like a professional massage we are giving each other this blissful rub down. The Dr.-Teal-s-Deep-Amber-Vanilla-Therapeutic-Bath-Body-Bath-Massage-Oil for under $10 per bottle is a scent we both love.

Great read – Who doesn’t appreciate a good book to retreat with on a rainy and lazy day? Last year I read Heaven And Earth Making the Psychic Connection by James Van Praugh and this left a great impression. I found this book for under $5 at Kroger.

Tasty latte- While my father was in the hospital I discovered chai tea lattes at the coffee shop there. It was a way to soothe my nerves and it is healthy. But, it does have calories so I have mine made with nonfat milk and extra foam instead of whip cream to minimize my calorie intake.

Yummy dessert- While visiting a friend in Mississippi I was treated to this expensive but tasty treat; specialty yogurt. This week a Yogurt City opened in my area and it hasn’t disappointed. It is a wonderful treat.

Good movie- The latest movie I saw with my fiancé was About Time. This time traveling love story was a great viewing experience for both of us. It kept our attention and it had a positive underlying message.

Soothing candle- Last year we bought a couple color changing candles and we love them. I’m not sure of the science behind it but this continuous changing color scheme really does soothe the soul.

Comfy socks- Yes, I have cold feet and achy calves and when I discovered Dr. Schol’s diabetic socks, I loved the comfort and warmth they gift. No I am not diabetic but I love how these sock feel and wear.

Aroma therapy relief- My neighbor purchased a Migrastick for me last July and it does help soothe my headache pain. This little bottle of oil mix can be rolled on the temples and neck to help open sinuses and ease the pressure.

Healthy hair product- With my health issues this past year, my hair health has suffered. I’ve battled hair loss, brittleness, dryness and frizz and my discovery of Ion leave in conditioner has offset these horrible symptoms.

Useful Kitchen knife- My boyfriend shops Harbor Freight for inexpensive shop tools. On a shopping trip last year I threw a small ceramic paring knife into our cart to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised by the way it cuts. I will be changing over to ceramics and purchasing a full set in the near future!

Hopefully my recommendations will help you with stocking stuffers or maybe even give you an idea for yourself. I wish you wonderful, inexpensive discoveries this shopping season!

Have any gift ideas for me that is under $10? If so, leave me a comment with your recommendations.