Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your heart or head, continued...

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I am someone who has learned to lead with my heart first but support my heart with my mind. I am also very spiritual; it's a perfect blend. You might be challenging the risk of leading with the heart but I am willing to take this risk. I would rather feel life than numb myself from living.  I cherish my intelligence and I am a lifelong learner. I appreciate my thought process and how this validates my feelings; both good and irrational emotions. It is a necessary tool that keeps me on track.

The color of the bird in the photo above is the color I see when I meditate. This is something that helps me shutdown my thoughts and tap into the universal connection of energy. It is really holistic. If you have problems feeling or finding a path that blends both heart and mind; practice meditation, it will help. Spirituality might be the missing piece for you.

What are your thoughts about mind and heart? Please, leave me a note! I love the connection.

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